US crane driver plays with a real plane, netizens say you are never too old for a toy

A crane operator in the US let his inner child come bounding out. Social media users can't hide their amusement

US crane driver plays with a real plane, netizens say you are never too old for a toy
A crane driver gives an aircraft a twirl. Image courtesy: Instagram/ vice.aviator

There is a child in us all who cannot get over the fantasy of flying a plane! 

That's what you have to say to the crane operator, who let his inner child come bounding out, taking a small aircraft that was about to be destroyed for a joyride. The video was shared on Facebook by Boneyard Safari, a project dedicated to preserving aviation history, and immediately had the netizens hooked. 

Views, likes and shares went on increasing by leaps and bounds, and comments kept flowing in torrents. There were mirth and amusement all around, and the playfulness of the crane operator seemed to have given people a nice little break from the doom, gloom and boredom of everyday life, especially in a year in which the Covid-19 pandemic had destroyed lives, families, careers and economies the world over. 

The video had garnered 20,000 likes and 10,000 comments on Facebook and it was shared 69,000 times. It was shared on Youtube, Twitter and Instagram too. 

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"Not your everyday flight or sight! Someone was having too much fun on the job," 'Vice Aviator', who works in the aviation industry, and had shot the video at the Opa-Locka Executive Airport in Miami, USA said. 

Talking in detail about his video, which had since gone viral on social media, 'Vice Aviator', said, "After leaving the airport this morning after my flight training, I decided to go and be an AvGeek and go look for the 707 that was recently scrapped. After no luck, I made a U-turn and saw that a Learjet was about to meet its fate. Little did I know, it was going for one last flight... and not the flight I thought! It’s unreal how quick the video went viral. Talk about right place at the right time."

From the time that the video was shared, social media users just cannot stop gushing about it, and the captions and comments simply would not let you stop laughing. It is incredible how something as simple as a person having some innocent fun can entertain people so much.

"The difference between men and boys is the size of their toys," said a user on Youtube. "We never really grow up. We simply just get to play with bigger and better toys," said another on Twitter. 

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"This is how budget airlines test their planes. If it doesn't fall apart after 5 minutes, it's safe," another user quipped. "The lengths some dads go to get their kids to eat mushed peas..." went another comment. 

Here's a collection of some of the most hilarious and witty comments on this amusing video: