Vistara plane flies into trouble with 15 minutes for landing

The Boeing 737 en route from Mumbai to Kolkata had 113 passengers on board

Vistara plane flies into trouble with 15 minutes for landing
The stricken Vistara B737. Image courtesy: Jetphotos/Sandeep Pilania

Passengers of a Vistara flight from Mumbai to Kolkata had a major scare on Monday (June 7) after the plane encountered severe air turbulence just 15 minutes before landing. Flight UK775, operating a Boeing 737, had 113 passengers on board. Three flyers were critically hurt, while five others also sustained minor injuries. The plane later landed safely at Kolkata's Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport. 

A Vistara spokesperson confirmed to PTI that the flight was hit by turbulence 15 before landing. The incident took place around 70 nautical miles (about 130 km) from Kolkata at around 17,000 to 20,000 feet when the plane fell into a clear air vacuum pocket, India Today reported. 

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After the plane landed, medical assistance was rushed to the injured passengers. Those with critical injuries were taken to the Charnock hospital in Kolkata. One elderly passenger was reported to have sustained a dislocated shoulder, while a female passenger had a fractured arm. A young male passenger had bumped his head. Those with minor injuries were let go after first aid. 

A Vistara spokesperson was quoted as saying by The Hindustan Times that the airline is closely monitoring the health of those injured. The airline would be probing the incident on priority and coming out with an update soon, the spokesperson added.   

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