SpiceJet captain's spicy announcement spreads happiness amid Covid gloom

Captain Mohit Kumar Teotia is a captain with a difference who has a mighty unique way of grabbing the attention of the flyers

What do you expect in-flight announcements to be like? Nine times out of ten, you take your seat, have a lazy gaze through the window, as the dry, drawling voice of the aircraft flight attendant or the captain welcomes you onboard. It's the same old routine. Nothing new. But wait until you hear this SpiceJet captain.  

Captain Mohit Kumar Teotia is a captain with a difference who has a mighty unique way of grabbing the attention of the flyers and indeed make them smile in these difficult Covid times. The SpiceJet captain adds a fair amount of spice to his in-flight announcement and leaves the passengers enthralled. Curious? Listen to the video provided above to find out. 

Budget carrier SpiceJet has from time to time tried to go beyond mere transportation and come up with innovative ways to entertain the passengers. It has often helped the carrier to stand out from the crowd and add a distinct value to the travel experience. It has given the airline a high recall quotient and for the value-conscious passenger, who looks for something extra in an air journey than mere travel, SpiceJet has often been a favourite. It has attracted the passengers with fun, colour and drama. 

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So starting from dance performances by the SpiceJet crew to witty advertisements appealing to real-life situations, the airline has flown the extra mile to woo the passengers.    

Captain Teotia's in-flight announcement brimming with wit and humour is another refreshing addition to this chain of initiatives by SpiceJet. 

The airline has had non-operating cabin crew members dancing to the tunes of Bollywood songs in the aisles of aeroplanes to celebrate Holi even at the cost of being scoffed at by the aviation regulator Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). SpiceJet had also organised dance performances on the ground at the Delhi airport. Earlier this year, videos of SpiceJet staff dancing to the popular song Butta Bomma at the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (RGIA) in Hyderabad had gone viral. 

Add to this out-of-the-box campaigns and advertisements that have succeeded in making a lasting impression in the minds of the passengers.  

The airline had also come up with a host of advertisements mirroring everyday incidents from the life of the average Indian, and these stories were told with a dash of humour, all aimed at convincing people to choose SpiceJet over its competitors. They advertise SpiceJet's offerings of Hot Meals and SpiceMax. 

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Last month, SpiceJet had honoured actor Sonu Sood for his exemplary humanitarian work during the Covid-19 pandemic with a special livery featuring the actor's photo wrapped around a Boeing 737, Live Mint reported. The airline had collaborated with Sood since the outbreak of the pandemic last year to repatriate thousands of Indians stranded abroad. Over 1,500 Indian students in Kyrgyzstan and hundreds of Indian nationals in Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and the Philippines among other countries were brought back home as part of this collaboration.       

Apart from the passengers, SpiceJet has found ways to keep its staff highly motivated, for example, through the 'Face on a Plane' initiative. Accordingly, in May 2014, SpiceJet unveiled 'Red Chilli', its newest Boeing 737-800NG, with a livery featuring the faces of the pilots and cabin crew. It also carried the erstwhile brand slogan of 'With All Our Heart'. It was designed to motivate the crew to perform with all their heart.

(Cover image courtesy Wikimedia Commons/Md Shaifuzzaman Ayon)

(Video courtesy Instagram/spicejetairlines)